​Add natural wood-fired taste to everything you cook on your gas grill, in just 5-10 minutes!

No Soaking…  No Mess…  No Wait...

Made in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Smokin’-O’s are innovative, individual pieces of compressed recovered orchard and hard wood.  When lit, they smoke abundantly, giving you an easy, no-mess, no-prep, no-wait way to add delicious wood-fired taste to anything cooked on your outdoor gas grill.  (They work great on charcoal grills and in smokers, too!)

100% Natural, No Binders, No ChemicalsMade in Montana Seal

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Sample all 3 flavors ...

Sample all 3 flavors for $19.99 plus shipping and handling...This includes 18 total Smokin O’s, 6 of each flavor. 


Mildly sweet with a hint of fruit...

A favorite smoke wood, apple compliments any grilling session.  A Smokin-O favorite with ham, bacon and veggies!


Our Rich & Mellow Proprietary Blend...

Unique blend of apple wood and spices that works well with anything you’re grilling.  If you’re even a little hesitant to try grilling with Smokin-O’s, this is the one to start with!


Bold, Smoky and Sweet...

Mesquite has a very distinctive flavor. Popular in Texas and the Southwest where it is used for grilling and smoking cuts of beef.

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